Too often you neglect your mental health.

You count calories and exercise in the pursuit of physical health. But what about your mental health? How do you maintain a strong sense of mental wellness?

Wellness Mood Ribbon Input

How are you feeling?

You want to know, without a doubt, that this has been the best day of your life. Or maybe it has been miserable and you need to reflect on why. Wellness reminds you to record your moods and beautifully graphs them, so you can always see how you have been feeling.

Wellness Medication Detail screen

Does treatment help?

Pills. Tablets. Patches. Exercise. The goal is always the same: to feel better. But what helps you? Wellness will store your medications, remind you to take them, and record how consistent you are. It's your doctor's dream.

Wellness Timeline screen

Know the answer.

We designed Wellness to make sense of your mental health. We want to help you understand your moods, what affects them, and why they change. We want you to feel your best, and we know Wellness will help.

Wellness + Apple Health Integration Icons

Your health in one place.

When you connect Wellness with Apple Health, you'll have a bird’s-eye view of your health in your timeline. From Activity and Workouts, to Menstruation and Mindfulness, you’ll have all your health data in one convenient place.